Book tip: Adventures Of The Seoul from Lindsey Chamness Maguigan

Adventures Of The Seoul
Lindsey Chamness Maguigan (Author)

Leila is just an ordinary college girl. She’s never had a boyfriend or tasted beer and wants nothing mo

re than to get away from Tennessee. So when she found out about her school’s study abroad program,

she was the first to sign up. What she didn’t expect was to be assigned to South

Korea, a country half a world away. When Leila first arrives in Seoul with two other Tennessee girls, the shock is almost unbearable. The language is difficult. The culture is different. But she soon finds friends in the dorm, and one Minnesota girl, Mackenzie, becomes an especially close ally. As the international students explore the enormous city, Leila starts to break out of her shell. Is there anything she can’t do? On a chilly December night, Leila and Mackenzie meet two Koreans outside their school, Yonsei University. That moment changes everything.

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