A DMZ Tour with the USO – A glimpse into North Korea.


I finally did my DMZ Tour. Hera are my picture from this amazing day trip.
I strongly recommend to book the tour with the USO, the tourism organisation from the US-Army. http://www.koridoor.co.kr/.
It is the only tour that let you in the JSA. Joint Security Area.

07:30 : Departure from Camp Kim USO (Seoul, Yeongsan)
09:00 : After an informative video at Camp Bonifas and a presentation
by a member of the U.S. military 20 Minute Briefing at JSA Visitor Center
And then tour to the JSA area (Freedom house, Conference room,
Bridge of no return and point of Ax murder)
11:20 : DMZ Theater, The Third infiltration Tunnel,
13:00 : Lunch at the Korean Restaurant during DMZ tour.
13:40 : Dora observatory and Dorasan Station
14:00 : Departure to Camp Kim USO
15:30 : Arrive at Camp Kim USO