Eatwatchers in South Korea

The latest trend in South Korea: Paying to watch online somebody eating.

With 1/3 of single person households in Korea this trends hit the nerve modern young Koreans. The video stream helps to avoiding the awkwardness of eating alone.
Theg in the Video makes 9000USD per month with her 3 times per day broadcast.

Korea Fact No.18: Korea loves SPAM

South Korea has become the largest consumer of Spam outside the United States, according to the local producer. 

By CHOE SANG-HUN January 26, 2014
SEOUL, South Korea — As the Lunar New Year holiday approaches, Seoul’s increasingly well-heeled residents are scouring store shelves for tastefully wrapped boxes of culinary specialties. Among their favorite choices: imported wines, choice cuts of beef, rare herbal teas. And Spam.

Yes, Spam. In the United States, the gelatinous meat product in the familiar blue and yellow cans has held a place as thrifty pantry staple, culinary joke and kitschy fare for hipsters without ever losing its low-rent reputation. But in economically vibrant South Korea, the pink bricks of pork shoulder and ham have taken on a bit of glamour as they have worked their way into people’s affections.

One of the SPAM knockoffs that flooded the market.

“Here, Spam is a classy gift you can give to people you care about during the holiday,” said Im So-ra, a saleswoman at the high-end Lotte Department Store in downtown Seoul who proudly displayed stylish boxes with cans of Spam nestled inside. More …

The complete article about Korea and Spam
“In South Korea, Spam Is the Stuff Gifts Are Made Of”, by CHOE SANG-HUN January 26, 2014, NY


Kimjang is now UNESCO Cultural Heritage.

Kimjang, or preparation for making kimchi. Photo taken in South Korea 한국어: 대한민국 풍경

The process of making kimchi, Korea’s iconic side dish, entered the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritages, according to the South Korean government.

UNESCO selected “kimjang,” a term coined to describe Korea’s tradition of making and sharing kimchi in the fall, as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity at the eighth Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The process of making kimchi, Korea’s iconic side dish, entered the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritages on Thursday, according to the South Korean government.
Articel written by  Steve Han,
Photo: Source, Wikipedia