Seoul Restaurant Expat Guide 2015

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There is a reason there aren’t many restaurant guides for Seoul. To paraphrase a famous hitchhiker’s guide, Seoul… is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. It is impossible for one person with one stomach and a limited budget to cover this vast city. This is also a volatile restaurant market. Seoul has one of the highest restaurants per capita in the world. Competition is deadly. By the time a restaurant guide goes to print, some restaurants are gone. A year after publication, and over thirty percent are gone. This guide remedies that. As an e-book, The Seoul Restaurant Expat Guide 2015 is regularly updated all through early 2016, when the new edition will be released. No more outdated restaurant info. You have the latest and greatest restaurants on your Kindle.

Why an expat guide?

This book comes from a source of frustration. For a city of its size, Seoul is surprisingly skimpy on international restaurants. That is quickly changing. With more Koreans traveling and living overseas and with more visitors coming to and living in Korea, there is a higher demand for better quality, more authentic international restaurants. Too many times bad restaurants get featured in government travel brochures, Korean TV, and from recommendations from Korean acquaintances trying to impress. Yet that’s the trouble. They are so eager to impress that they don’t think about what international diners actually want. They recommend famous restaurants that are famous for only being famous, though their food is bland. They recommend high end restaurants that impress more with the high price than with the quality of the meal. They recommend restaurants that are all gimmicks with no substance. At the same time, amazing Korean restaurants and authentic international restaurants get ignored.

This guide cuts through the bull.

The restaurants included come from ZenKimchi, Korea’s longest running food blog, and are crowd-sourced from the active foodie community in Seoul. Included are not only reviews but real comments. Candid comments. Unfiltered, though edited for legibility. Those can be the most informative and the most entertaining, especially the haiku reviews.

The guide’s content comes from passionate expats and English speaking Koreans living in the Seoul metropolitan area. They know the city intimately. It’s real Seoul food. These are not only the best international restaurants but also the insider scoops on authentic Korean restaurants that will make your friends envious at home. For the foodie traveler, this is your essential Seoul travel guide.

Included are nifty features such as the following:
– Restaurant Buzz Top Ten Restaurants in Seoul
– Wine Korea’s Top Wine Lists and Wine Bars
– Makgeolli Mamas and Papas List of Top Makgeolli Bars (Korean rice beer)
– Southern Sons’ List of Top Cocktail Bars
– ZenKimchi’s Must-try Korean Restaurants
– Alphabetical listings
– Quality and price ratings
– Indexes based on location and type of cuisine
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Sheep Cafe in Hongdae Seoul

You maybe heard about a cat cafe before. A cafe where you can go to play and pet with cats. Seoul has now a Sheep Cafe. It’s the Year of the Sheep, so why not celebrate? Nestled in the artsy backstreets of Hongdae is a coffee shop where a small flock of sheep and some patrons mingle and graze freely.

11 Explicit Dance Moves That Are Banned By The Korean Government

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Non-cable TV stations in Korea have some strict policy when it comes to sexy, and these artists had to change their choreography to be allowed on stage!


1. VIXX (Voodoo Doll) – “Stab through the chest”
The Original Choreography where one of the members imitate being stabbed through the chest was deemed too graphic and changed.

2. SISTAR (So Cool) – “Hip gesture”
The move where the girls shake their hands behind their hips was banned by the big 3 TV stations and the girls were forced to remove the gesture in their performances on stage.
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3. Rainbow (A!) – “Shirt lift”
The song A! gained popularity partly due to its signature move where the girls pulled up their shirts to reveal their abs. The move was considered too racy and the group was forced to change the move.

4. Sunmi (Full Moon) – “Sensual leg splits”
Sunmi who splits her legs open sensually during the MV of ‘Full Moon’ was forced to adjust her choreography to not include this part when she performed on KBS, SBS and MBC.
보름달선미1 180214-Sumni-whines-it-low

5. Dalshabet (Look at my legs) – “Tear-away skirt”
Dalshabet’s initial choreography included a dress which they could open up to show off their legs. They wore short pants underneath but the move was deemed too sexual and banned.

6. Dalshabet (BBB) – “Chest Rub”
Dalshabet received yet another strike with their song ‘BBB’ during which they stroke their chests. The move was considered too sexual and they were forced to adjust their hand placement.

7. EXID (Up Down) – “Hip thrust”
The rising song ‘Up Down’ was initially banned by the big 3 stations in Korea for its signature hip thrusting move. The girls adjusted the move when performing on non-cable channels.

8. Cross Gene (Amazing) – “Hip thrusting”
Cross Gene was one of the only boy groups to be banned for their sensual moves. Their hip thrusting was apparently a bit too much for non-cable TV and they were forced to adjust their choreography.

9. AOA (Mini Skirt) – “Butt wiggle”
The entire choreography of ‘Mini Skirt’ was riddled with suggestive choreography and they were forced to edit such moves out when they were banned from performing on KBS,SBS and MBC.

10. 4MINUTE (Mirror Mirror) – “Leg splits”
4 Minute was banned from spreading their legs during the song ‘Mirror Mirror’ and adjusted the choreography to be able to perform on non-cable TV.

11. Jiyeon (Never Ever) – “Hip rolls”
The choreography during involving Jiyeon’s hips was apparently too sexy for the public and she was banned from performing those moves on stage.
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